We busy ourselves with two very simple things

Learning and communicating

To achieve (corporate) development

Keeping things simple, masterfully

Why we do what we do

To learn or to communicate is not an end in itself.
We are entrepreneurs and thus know by experience:
learning and communication decide on weal and woe in a company.
That’s why we do what we do.




We’re fascinated by the human learning machine, the brain. It determines the way we tailor learning processes. The result: "No stress, just fun!"*. No matter who wants to learn – you, your customers or co-workers and no matter what the subject is: new sales approaches, a language, recipes, product functions …With us learning is a delight.

*A sailing instructor’s words, whenever sea (and students) got more troubled.


What is that anyway? Talking? Sure. Writing? Yes. In essence, however, it’s only what your counterpart understands. We teach the art of communication in books, lectures, trainings and coachings. With us you learn target-oriented communication, be it with acquaintances in private or business matters, co-workers or customers. In essence: you are received - and even well-received.

Let’s talk!
Together we can work out a learning and communication culture
that endows your business.

learning culture communication culture business culture.

Weshalb Kunden uns seit 30 Jahren schätzen

  • "Die ALS hat uns mehr gebracht als ein Employer-Branding-Konzept. Kein Beratungsansatz hat bei uns so viel bewegt."

    Harald Dörschel, Hoteldirektor, Strandresidenz Aquamaris auf Rügen
  • "Kommunikationsseminare gibt es wie Sand am Meer. Die ALS geht weiter: mit sehr klugen Werkzeugen für das praktische Tun in der Hektik des beruflichen Alltags"

    Petra Linder, Sparkassenakademie Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel
  • "Durch die Linkers ist das internationale Geschäft massiv gewachsen und das macht uns krisensicher."

    Frank Kottig, alleiniger Inhaber der Linker Industrie-Technik GmbH, Kassel
  • "Wann was wie vermitteln? Diese Fragen beantworten wir dank der ALS sensationell gut für das Gastgewerbe."

    Jonathan Ulrich, Gründer 21 Genussgesellschaft mbH

"What's in here for me?"

With our help ...

Where and how we can come together

As a targeted communication and learning culture ist decisive, every company – no matter how small or big – needs it. We are confident that we can be of great service to your business. The first step is that we get to know each other. It doesn’t hurt at all, and can happen either by e-mail, phone or in person. And all it costs you is time, not money:

Our preliminary consultation is free.



Who we are